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Where are the best places to buy furniture in 2012?

I have a 2011 blog on where to buy mirrored furniture which is still good but today I’m going to update that list for my New Year’s 2012 top furniture places to shop along with coupons good for January 2012 and a quick peak at what’s what this year in home design and home furniture.

1. Home Living Furniture Free Shipping
2. Home Gallery 5% Off Discount Today
3. 10% Off Bedroom Furniture at Way Fair
4. Free Shipping on Mirrored Furniture at Amazon

From what I’ve seen on HGTV and my home furniture magazines, home decorators think upscale, elegant minimalist is the way to go. What I mean by this is people are getting rid of furniture and other extraneous clutter so they can free up space in their homes – making them look spacious – and also helping to focus attention on their new updated home furniture.

Also, one home decorating idea I loved was pulling out the old carpets in living room and replacing them with soft black fabric rugs. The black shocks guests coming in but the risque approach pays off as it really calls the furniture setup to attention (thus why you would add a few new pieces before undergoing this home transformation).

I’ve noticed black carpet going especially well with mirrored furniture and home design shows are raving about it.

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